message only 4 others

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Leading Tamil Comedian vivekh has been awarded Padma Shri by the Indian Government for his contribution to the arts field. he is popular for imparting social messages in his comedy and leaves no attempt in mocking up superstitions and other social evils. I wonder why he changed his spelling to vivekh. may be messages are only for others..


my insights on Liebe ;)

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Sometimes it is next to impossible to find someone who’s right for us  – and someone we are right for! So when it happens, we usually get so psyched that we don’t even mind missing out on few things for them. It’s totally normal to look at the world through rose-colored glasses in the early stages of a relationship. We don’t miss a chance to express our love – in fact, we look out for such chances with eagle eyes and seize them, or, we create those chances if we don’t get one! How angelic we are in those stages! We take pride in compromising the nicest things. We do what our partner likes, and earnestly prevent what they dislike. We strongly believe that a relationship cannot do without give and takes. Who in the world can boast of a couple like us! But this make up slowly starts to wear off when a whole gambit of questions pops up in our mind once we cross those initial stages– “Why am I compromising always? Should I really miss out on all the things I like? Shouldn’t I be loved back the same way I love my partner?” Or “Why doesn’t my partner accept me for what I am? Why should I always do something he/she likes? Why don’t we think on the same lines, Why isn’t she/he like me? ” At the end of the day, what really matters are, are we being loved for what we are? Is our partner into us for what we are? I agree everyone needs to make compromises but that shouldn’t let u feel like losing out on yourself. On the other hand, we should be ready to miss out on a few things and compromise a few things at the least. The greatest mistake that many of us do is we love a person just because he/she loves us. All these will seem to be good initially but when things get out of hands, both of us speak in a way which surely neither could bear. It is necessary that neither of us should pretend to like something we actually don’t. So what to do when things break apart? Should we stay heart broke for ever for someone not meant for us? As the saying goes, “There are plenty of fish in the sea.” Life is short. Don’t squander time crying over someone who is most likely not shedding a tear for you. There is always someone else waiting out there in the same boat as you. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that this will never happen again. It’s life. We are often left to live with what we get more than what we yearn.                              Incomplete is the life of a man and a woman ‘made for each other’ without how much they ‘make’ for each other 🙂


destiny’s child

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One question that’s been shot on all of us ‘n’ no of times: “What do you want to be?” While answering this question, although we limit our thought process to what each of us want to take as profession, the question in itself covers a much larger domain. today i am a pilot. never in my life i really wanted to become one but given the family feedings i am part of this clan now.i studied production engineering, worked as a software engineer for some time, now a pilot, dont know what destiny has in store for me tommorow. In retrospection, I wanted to be a lot of things.And I guess I’m no different from others.we see lot of things and we want to be there in everything. we see wimbledon we want to be a tennis star, we come across a new discovery, we feel an urge to be a scientist.finally we are what we are now. we always a have lot of options before us and those aren’t unachieavable either. but we just didn’t choose them those. why? probably it wasnt the best option to chose.there is always a thin line between infinite wants, limited resources and destiny which we all fall in..